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State Emergency Notification System

For Citizen Protection and School Protection
State Notification Law
Governor Signs Law

Purpose of Law
Protect Alabama's Students Through Emergency Communications

Current Plans To Fulfill Law
Superintendents Post Updates to Governor at Department of Education Website
Department of Education Website Used For Reporting
FastCommand Dashboard Notification System

Assorted School Websites
Brewton City Schools
Montgomery City Schools
Hoover City Schools
Mobile County Schools
Dekalb County Schools

School Websites Starting To Be Targeted
School Board Websites Targeted

Undertake Notifications Allegheny
Undertake Notifications Howard

Comprehensive Command Notifications Are Good For Schools 
University of West Georgia
University of Arizona Mass Shooting

Use Of Sovereign School Websites For State Notifications
Present Communication Boards During Phone Outages
Associate All State Schools in A Mass  School Notification Safety Network

Benefits To Students and Citizens of Comprehensive Notifications
Remove Reliance On Single Source Public Website  
Dispurse Web Traffic a Among Many Education Websites
Use Notification to Coordinate Visually Notification Updates